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GLOBES, Yossi Babliki
His Latest release "Shacharut" is really one of the best CD in the world music genre.We are talking about a real music phenomenon on the highest level in world measures.


Yair Dalal and friends – Inshalla Shalom – Live in Jerusalem – review by Billy Badley Songlines magazine: 

A wise person once claimed that it is impossible to do anything in Jerusalem without it having political implications- no one is more aware of this than Yair Dalal , the virtuoso violinist and oud (lute) player who has led some inspired collaborations between Jewish and Arab musicians . For Dalal , such partnerships are integral to his musical heritage , as his family originally came from Iraq, where Jewish musicians were held in high regard.

This  concert is dedicated to the folk music of the Middle East for Jews, Christians and Muslims coming together to share their diverse traditional music – more united by similarities than divided by difference . In playing a joint concert in Jerusalem – that most contested of cities – these musicians are firmly nailing their colors in the mast . However, all the best intentions would count for nothing if the music didn't speak for itself , and the performances are of the same high quality that we have come to expect from Dalal and his collaborators . If anything , the confidence of the playing is heard to better effect on this live performance than in much of Dalal's  work : there is an immediacy , a delightful interplay and an evident respect between the performers that is entirely in keeping with the spirit of the concert . The enthusiasm of the audience leaves us in no doubt that it worked for them too ! 

Israel brodcast

" The music of Yair Dalal emerges from an authentic place, a deep feeling of tradition, message and beauty.”     

Jerusalem Post, Maxim Raider 
"It was so beautiful, it was almost unbearable. Yair Dalal ,with his mysterious magical smile, takes you on a captivating journey where conventional concepts of time , space and freedom do not exist .

GLOBAL RHYTHM  , Michal Shapiro 

“Yair Dalal's music is warm, sonorous, intimate and full with the peculiar microtonality that makes Middle Eastern music so ravishing to the Western ear. “

Yedioth Aheronot, Boaz Cohen  
.."we are not only talking about an excellent Israeli musician but one of the more interesting composers active in his field , in the entire world ."

Roy Douglas - Bristol
Yair Dalal was definite WOMAD highlight. Went to the gig not knowing what I was going to hear and was totally knocked out. The sort of thing that can only happen at WOMAD . Completely embodied the spirit and vision of the festival . Beautiful , global , inspiring and moving .

Frances Bildner London 
 I went to Womad festival for the first time and was mesmerized. I think Yair Dalal and his musicians have an extraordinary gift,both in their music and in his vision. I loved every moment of their performance and would like to learn more of the music and his ideas. I was moved to tears! 


ג'קי לוי , 'ידיעות אחרונות'

 "על הבמה ריחף קשב אוהב נדיר שצמח מן השילוב – שאיננו מובן מאליו – של כבוד ושל ענווה והומור. זה היה מדבק, מסתבר, כי אותו קשב, אותה אהבה, ריחפו על האולם כולו. בין הקהל והאמנים .

ואני, שבעוונותיי מיהרתי כנראה עם העראק השלישי, גחנתי לעבר משה חבושה : תגיד לי, מה קורה פה ? יכול להיות שהמשיח כאן בחוץ, מחפש מקום לקשור את החמור ? !"


יוסי בבליקי

" תקשיבו לכינור המכושף שלו, שילוב של ווירטואוזיות ויראת כבוד, יאיר דלאל מנגן כמו קוסם " 


יואב קוטנר, ידיעות אחרונות

 "מי שיפתח למוסיקה הזו צפויה לו חוויה מיוחדת ומרגשת"


בועז כהן- ידיעות אחרונות

"יאיר דלאל הוא לא רק מוזיקאי מצוין משלנו, אלא גם אחד היוצרים המעניינים ביותר שפועלים היום בעולם כולו ,"דרך הבשמים"

 " הוא מסע רצוף תמונות קסומות . מופע טהור , מרגש ואיכותי 


אבי אפרתי

"זו לא תהיה היסחפות לקבוע כי מדובר במופע האתני הטוב ביותר שיצא עד כה בארץ "


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